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Eating Disorder Sensitive For Dietitians

Learn the basics of eating disorders and build your confidence when working with clients with eating disorders, for nutrition professionals.


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What you are going to learn

Buying This Course Saves Lives

All proceeds of this course go to helping people struggling with devastating eating disorders. 

This introductory training course is aimed at offering education to people who practice nutrition work in community-based settings (such as non-profit organizations). 

This course is brought to you by the Body Peace Collaborative, a network of 3 eating disorder organizations: Body Brave, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia and Bridgepoint Centre for Eating Disorders.

Learning Topics:
  • Course Introduction
  • Understanding Eating Disorders
  • The Recovery Community
  • Foundations of Nutrition Care for Eating Disorders
  • Practicing Dietetics Through a Social Justice Lens
  • Cultivating the Therapeutic Alliance
  • Further Eating Disorder Training for Registered Dietitians

The content covers four core competency areas for those who are early identifiers and/or initial responders for clients, as per the NEDC's Workforce Core Competencies:

1. "General knowledge of the clinical features of eating disorders, common treatments and the individual experience of recovery.

2. "Ability to identify warning signs of eating disorders and disordered eating and to conduct initial assessment within the scope of usual professional role.

3. "Ability to engage the person with an eating disorder and family in a non-judgemental manner and to motivate engagement with and refer to relevant health services and treatments.

4. "Ability to support the person and their family to facilitate personal recovery."

what learners are saying:

I just have to say thank you for making this course available. Thank you for helping me learn more about eating disorders and making me more aware of the importance of how we communicate about food and body image to others. I am a dietetics student and this course made me feel extremely passionate about my future career, in helping people with what ever nutritional challenge they may face. Again, thank you!
As someone who is only just beginning to take on ED clients, this was a super helpful introduction to ED that will provide a good basis for going into further research and training in this area.
This course was incredible, thank you for letting me participate. I took a lot of valuable tools and resources from it and I really appreciate how inclusive this course is. I think it is so important that it addresses oppression and racism which is lacking in traditional dietetic education. 100/10!! This is perfect for any clinician who wants exposure to ED and to gain skills to safely support clients.