Eating Disorders Nova Scotia

Peer Mentor Training



Starting date

November 2021

End Date

December 2021


Shaleen Jones

What you are going to learn

Welcome to Eating Disorders Nova Scotia's Peer Mentor Training Program!

Three (3) modules are completed on your own time and have “on demand” in their title. On-Demand 1 (Eating Disorders 101) & 2 (Recovery 101) must be completed before Zoom Module 2: Boundaries.

2. Five (5) modules are facilitated by Eating Disorders Nova Scotia virtually over Zoom. You’ll find slidedecks from the sessions as well as additional resources and homework instructions right here on the platform.

3. Graduation Checklist is to be completed before receiving your certificate which is the last section in the e-platform.

This Virtual Training was made possible by a grant from the Telus Atlantic Canada Community Board.

Eating Disorders Nova Scotia

You Are Not Alone. 
We believe everyone should have access to the supports and resources needed for recovery. 
We help people access resources, learn about eating disorders, and provide Peer Support and professional services from a Therapist and Dietitian.